Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

It’s weird to think that by this time next year everything would have changed. My fundamental day to day life will be different, even in the things that I can control. Hopefully I should be at University; this is what I have always wanted but, for someone who gets anxious with change, it is petrifying. I will no longer be in the comfort of a school I have known inside out for 7 years. I will not have the comfort blanket of seeing my best friends and family every day. I will have taken a dramatic step in becoming an ‘adult’ having moved out of home and planning my future.

That in itself, although scary is amazing to consider what 2014 will hopefully hold for me. But, that is without considering the unpredictably of everyday life. I will make new friends, have arguments, fail assignments, pass assignments, go on holiday and make many more beautiful memories. I already have stacks to look forward to in 2014 but, also so much to fear. It makes me sad when I hear my friends or see people write online that there year has been awful. I am truly grateful that has never been the case for me, sure I’ve had highs and lows but, overall I am extremely lucky.

At my age each year holds complete change. If I reflect on where I was in my life last New Year’s Eve or even the year before, it is mad to consider how much I have grown as a person or see how the things that had petrified me turned out; thankfully for the better. 2014 is going to be a rollercoaster year, I have the ‘biggest exams of my life’, a driving test, my 18th birthday, university, a girls holiday, gigs and living away from home all to consider and that is just the icing on the cake.

 I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions because I believe any time of year is perfect for change if it’s going to make you and the people around you feel better.  But, if you’re reflecting on your past and looking towards the future think about where you want to be next New Year and do something to get yourself there. So Happy New Year everyone and let’s hope that we all make many happy memories!

Peace Out my Lovelies xxx 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Festive Spirit

Guys, Christmas is now officially over in my household, with all celebrations ending yesterday. I had an amazing time and love spending so much time with my extended family. It is so easy to forget in our busy lives what truly matters and for me that is a hundred percent my friends and family.  I always look forward to Christmas so much but, it always fly’s by so quickly! So now it’s all over for another year and we'll have to troop on with our everyday lives.

So clearly I am no time lord and no matter how much I play Wizzard it shall never be Christmas everyday but, does that mean we cannot have a little festive in our January lives- I think not! So here are my top tips to keep the festive period alive no matter the season!

1. You have over a month to prepare for Christmas, you think about the presents, the food and your outfit for 4 weeks; always giving you a glimmer of hope in the dark December month. Throughout the year always have an event to look forward to whether it's a party, gig or holiday- have something to remind yourself that there are good times to come and something you can plan/endlessly talk about with your friends
2. Who says glitter has to only be for Christmas? Wear something shiny in everyday life, even if it's some ear rings or some jazzy socks- honestly the smallest things can bring a smile to your face
3. As much as you may moan about your family, you can't help but deny that it is at least always eventful when you have a huge gathering. Organise a massive dinner or drinks party with your extended family regularly throughout the year; giving you an opportunity to catch up but also reflect
4. Reflect, Christmas is always a time of reminiscing the good times and traditions. If life gets hectic throughout the year, do exactly that! Look back through old pictures and memories. Even better make a photo album or CD with all those great memories of 2013 

5. Is there any point in New Year resolutions? Now just because it's going to
be January, that does not mean you need to have a sudden change! Being realistic if you've waited until the new year, then you either don't really want to change or you don't need to change. So don't stop doing or eating the things you love because you believe you need to loose weight or become 'sensible', remember everything in moderation is the way to live! So if you fancy a biscuit, like you do at Christmas, eat a dam biscuit 
6. Everyone loves Christmas songs and if you don't then you are truly in denial. Every time a festive song comes on admit you start tapping your foot and you know more words than you would like to admit as well as it always putting a smile on your face. So make a silly, happy playlist with either old school classics or my personal favourite, Disney that will always put a smile on your face
7. Christmas is the season of good will but, don't just limit it to then. Spend your year trying to put a smile on people's faces and giving to those less fortunate than yourself, it'll make you happy as well as others!

So I hope you had a Merry Christmas and can attempt to keep the festive spirit alive all year round 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Time

Guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS and I’m so excited! Christmas is one of my favourite times of year because I get to spend a stack of time with my family and it’s something that everyone gets excited about.

I love how this year the festive season seems to have exploded everywhere, crazy Christmas jumpers and hats have blasted onto the high street. It seems to be bigger and better this year and jumping at me from every direction! The build-up is perhaps even better than the day itself, listening to songs, putting up the decorations, dressing up, buying and wrapping presents; it is all contagious!

Christmas is a time for family and friends; it’s a time of celebration and joy- to get the whole family together, no matter what and to re-live traditions! Christmas is like celebrating someone’s birthday but, on an even bigger scale and I think this year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Every year, even at the grand old age of 17 I wake up at stupid o’clock in the morning for present opening. Even though I go to bed late on Christmas Eve after our annual celebration I think I will always wake up early on Christmas Day. It’s the day we have all been waiting for a month.  This week Christmas has seriously hit in my household (more or less due to me begging and pleading with my family). The Christmas decorations are up, I decorated the tree in my ever present logical and systematic way, I bought a Christmas Jumper, made a Christmas playlist and I bought nearly all my Christmas presents! The season of good will and pleasure has nearly arrived!

It’s the last week of school guys and girls, so get through this week and you can enjoy the Christmas break! I have to say I’ll be sad when it all comes to an end in under a week, when all the decorations have to come down and all the pretty lights are gone from the streets. It’ll mean we’ll be left with only the gloom of the British weather. But, no needs to panic guys, all good things have to come to an end but, we’ll have stacks to look forward to in 2014!

So, no matter what’s going on in your lives, try and enjoy Christmas, spread some precious cheer to the people you love and appreciate what you have!

Peace out my lovelies xxx 

Monday, 2 December 2013

5 Seconds of Summer

This week has been a good week. How often do you actually say that? Never right. There is always something that ruins your mood or the highlights of the week. But, this week I can truly say has been amazing.

The main reason for this was because I got to let out my inner fan girl seeing the beautiful boys that are 5 Seconds of Summer, on Wednesday at Koko, Camden. I’ve been waiting since July for this show and they did not disappoint! Now, if you don’t know who they are here is a little summary…

They are four teenagers from Sydney, Australia who started out by uploading videos on YouTube. Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael then came to London to begin writing their album early this year and then got asked to support One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour, so have spent the year travelling the world and perfecting their stage performance while still writing their album. Now please bear in mind they are not a boy band like One Direction and are similar to All Time Low in their music, playing their own instruments and writing their own songs. But, defiantly have the personalities and beautiful faces that I have to admit One Direction do possess.

So these boys, are yet to officially realise any music in the UK (they’ve had an EP in Australia) but, have over 10 original songs which they have released on YouTube or in concert making it an amazing show. Koko was an awesome venue, with different levels, allowing you to choose where to stand and a beautiful d├ęcor. The crowd was also awesome, everyone truly wanted to be there, knowing every word, dancing like mad and behaving themselves, making an amazing atmosphere.  The fact, that no one has their songs on an album and this was their first own major show in the UK and that everyone knew the words, you could tell how 5sos couldn’t quite believe it, even though they all have over a million twitter followers.

And if their remarkable show wasn’t reason enough to make this week great, I got tickets on pre-sale to see them in April again- woop woop! So going to the show knowing I was going to see them again asap and when they might have hopefully released their album (I live in hope) was awesome. Then last but, defiantly not least I got You Me At Six tickets Friday morning, leading me to do a complex celebratory dance in the middle of Geography! You Me At Six and 5 Seconds of Summer are my favourite bands in the world and the night that they both announced tour dates literally ten minutes apart nearly pushed me over the edge in fan girl mode. Now if you haven’t already noticed live music is honestly one of my favourite things in the world, so to buy two concert tickets and go to a gig made it an unforgettable week. So now I am not only counting down the days to Christmas and The 1975 in January but, the rest of 2014 too!

Hope you all had as much fun, Peace out my lovelies xxx    

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Social Media

The question of this generation seems to be whether social media is a good or bad thing. There are obviously clear positives to world of the internet. It means you can find out about people’s lives across the globe, stalk celebrities, bond with people who have the same obsessions as you, google anything but, as with anything there clear downsides to the web.

The internet is a perfect place to secretly be yourself, you can be parts of fandom which your friends may not be and be as a freakishly obsessed as others. It means you can bind together with these invisible strangers over fan art, gossip and news. It is clear the power of the internet, just look at the celebrities of today from One Direction to Kim Kardashian, people make their name from the internet. Some people argue that it’s a bad thing that people become famous with ‘no talent’ or that people begin to like musicians not because of their sound but their personalities. I think it means people become well known in a more organic way. An act can slowly build up a fan base without a record label or tv executives. Someone can start out by posting YouTube videos and playing small shows. Sure, you can argue that eventually this turns into record labels telling the artist what to post but, it still means a deeper connection between the act and fan.

Also, think how stuck we would be if we couldn’t ‘google’ everything. The inter-web is a place for of knowledge, which is just waiting to be found. Today, if you have a question or want a random fact, you can find the answer in seconds without any hassle.  Yesterday, was the big fight between Froch and Grove’s and I was out with my family, they were all asking me to look on Twitter to see how it was going even though they have no idea how social media works, demonstrating the power of the web. As well as facts it can also bring humour and life lessons. Look at Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Keek, Vine, Bloggers and Vloggers they all make you laugh, even if you’re hating on the world but, they can also teach you to do Maths or apply eyeliner. The internet is a ball of both light hearted and serious knowledge.

Yes, it is black hole which you get sucked into and can ‘waste’ many of hours of your life absorbed in, clicking on one link after another but, it opens your horizons and helps you create dreams that you would never do normally. For me the web has installed my inner fan girl, making me realise that there are fandoms as huge as One Direction but, for the bands that I’m obsessed with (I have nothing against One Direction and am kind of a secret fan girl but, hush #teampunkrock) but, has also made me realise that I can do what I want. It’s a constant motivator to have fun every day, appreciate what I’ve got and dream big because anything is possible.
Think before you speak 

Social Media is the best way to stay in touch with friends. My whole secondary school group of friends went to different schools for sixth form but, Whatsapp has meant that in a group chat we still no every detail of every day and have stayed in contact with each other.  It also keeps me in contact with my new friends, because even though we see each other every day, in the hussle and bussle of everyday life we rarely actually get to talk.

However, when on the internet remember every word you write sounds harsher. People can’t hear the sarcasm in your voice, the true meaning of the sentence or your instant reaction to a message, everything sounds that much harsher. So think before you send a message, does it sound like you and don’t hide behind the wall of the web; only say what you would to that persons face.  Social Media is the thing that units are generation but, there are constant reminders around the world that we need to use it for right. 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nail Art Baby

I am a firm believer in a polished look and I therefore love painting my nails. I feel that even if I go out in leggings and a hoodie, if my nails are unchipped then I can take on the world. But, the majority of the time slapping on a solid colour doesn’t cut it for me, I always love glitter, patterns and uniqueness in everything I do, so I’ve made that apply to my nails through the magic of nail art. I think it’s a great way to subtly distinguish yourself and adds a pop of your own style into every outfit.

I think everyone is capable of nail art, because you don’t need to be good art or imaginative in any shape or form. There is the world of the internet to help you with stacks of ideas on Tumblr, most specifically on Fuck Yeah Nails as well as, PinInterest. It just takes a little time and practice to develop a slightly steady hand and then you’re away.

  It is also a great way to incorporate a festival into your look whether its Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Fireworks or Birthdays. It means you have a constant reminder of the event and have some festive cheer. Obviously you can’t walk around for the whole month of December with a Christmas Jumper on, especially if you’re at school or work but, by painting your nails you can represent.                     

Now people always ask me how I have time to do it but, think how much of a week you spend watching TV or videos online. Now being realistic you’re never just watching that, you’re either on twitter, instragram or doing your homework as well. So why not paint your nails when doing it? I hate just sitting watching the TV so find it an engaging and relaxing way to spend an evening.

So perhaps next time you’re painting your nails, be a little more inventive, even if its adding a strip or a couple of spots to them! 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

PS. Check out my Instagram amygill_96 for more of my nail designs and Ideas, taaa 

Friday, 1 November 2013


                Perhaps one of my favourite things in the world is going to gigs. I love the atmosphere and the electricity in the room, with it being one of the view things that I actually get an adrenaline rush from. I always end up thinking about how amazing it must be for the artist to know that everyone in that room is there for them and their music. I think my favourite part is listening to the crowd sing every single word of a song back, carrying the tune and being a small choir of fans. I’m always awe-struck at the sole fact that I have at least one thing in common with every single person in that room.

                I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for weeks but either haven’t had the motivation or time (bad Amy) because earlier this month I saw Bastille at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. I love this venue because it’s small. The crowd is large enough to create a great atmosphere but, it means no matter where you are you’re close to the act.  Bastille were on form as always, smashing every note of every song. Their haunting sound, struck a note with us being treated with some new songs- YAY!
                However, the crowd was perhaps one of the most annoying I’ve ever been in. Now the majority of them I’m sure were lovely people but, I think I ended up being next to some of the most annoying young girls, whom clashed with some of the most boring girls. So it wasn’t perhaps the happiest atmosphere but, don’t worry I did not let that get the better of me! I trooped on and it was an awesome gig.

                So all in all I can confirm from Reading and now that Bastille are remarkable and sound exactly like they do on record. I adore that feeling of looking forward to a gig all week, doing your research, looking up the set list, queuing to go in, standing through the support acts and finally seeing what you’ve been waiting for. Then coming out and realising you have to wait a couple of months until you get to live this experience again. So now I’m left with watching concerts on YouTube, until November when I get to see my boys 5 Seconds of Summer- Woop Woop!  

Saturday, 19 October 2013


This week’s been a weird week and appears to be constant reminder of death and the possibilities. On Sunday I picked up The Fault In Our Stars by John Green at my friend’s house and was instantly hooked. I read the entire book on Sunday and it was a brilliant read that left me with all types of mixed emotions.  On Tuesday two girls around my age died in a car crash, with one of them previously being someone I danced with and whom was in the year above me at school. This caused heartbreak to my whole school and is a horror story around my whole county. I then watched the Finn Hudson Glee episode, which reflects on the death of Cory Montieth and although Glee is a fun show there are always serious undertones. And finally, I watched danisnotonfire’s ‘existential crisis’* video, which reflected so many things I think we all think about.

All these events have got me thinking and reflecting on my life. I’ve always been someone who thinks we should appreciate what we have. Everyone always wishes to have more, me included (dam there are a beautiful pair of shoes that have my name on) but, I am truly lucky and so are the majority of people. Seeing events and stories like this show how you should really live every day to the full. Now I’m not telling you all to YOLO the cause completely, but it’s important to strike the right balance between living for the moment and thinking for the future and I think it’s important not to place too much of an emphasis on either. It’s important to not be reckless in your actions…

For example, today I could have taken home study in the afternoon and gone to the pub for a distant friend’s birthday. But, I looked at the bigger picture. I had stacks of work to do and I knew I was probably more likely to regret not doing it than going to the pub. So I did the mature thing and looked to the future and had a productive afternoon in the library. 

So live by the two life mottos of our generation YOLO (You Only Live Once) and YOYO (You’re Only Young Once) but, don’t take them to the extreme. Find that balance of going out and working hard, which should hopefully make the best lives for all of us!

Peace out my lovelies xxxx

*existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of his or her life: whether his or her life has any meaning, purpose or value.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Summer memories- Reading Festival 2013

Now that October has begun (seriously were has this year gone, I’m still writing ‘2012’ as the date) it is officially time to reminisce about those summer days. And how brilliant was some summer right?

Now hands down one of the best things to happen in my summer holidays was Reading Festival. It has been my dream for the last couple of years to attend a festival and finally this came true. It wasn’t only that I got to see some of my favorite artists in the world; it was the whole combined experience that made it great!

I camped with around 20 people from school, including a couple of my Best Friends and knew stacks of people around the camp from my school and my area as well, meaning it felt like a massive holiday. But, I didn’t just spend all my time with the people I’ve known for years because the festival is seriously one of the friendliest places ever. I know, I know there is the good and bad side to a festival (I saw some nasty side effects of drugs) but, if you want to you can defiantly see all the beauty of a festival. The British are renowned for ignoring each other but, that isn’t the case in the middle of a crowd, when you’re closer to strangers than you ever expected. Everyone’s up for a chat and people have a common interest, MUSIC. Everyone walks round singing and high-fiving meaning you can’t help but be happy.
Face paint, wellies and flower crowns 
Everywhere you turn there is something happening, whether it’s to you or simply something to watch, meaning so many things are implanted in your brain forever. You get to do all the stereotypical festival acts- wear wellies, flower crowns and florescent paint- and don’t worry I didn't waste a second of my freedom. I walked round all weekend representing the epitome of a keen festival goer.

Now this is a weird one but, the Toilets and dirtiness is defiantly terrifying but, it makes Reading, Reading. The camp toilets are truly horrific- basically being a cesspit. But, don’t worry there is hope when you enter the arena, there are FLUSHING TOILETS and it truly is a revelation when you've got used to the camp ones. Also, I spent 5 days washing with wet wipes and dry shampoo- I know its revolting- but surprisingly isn't as bad as expected. My hair lived up to occasion and wasn't as greasy as expected, so gold star to my locks! But, in a weird way the camping and dirtiness was one of the highlights, because it just meant everything was right.

Musical Highlight- Biffy Clyro headlining on Sunday Evening
Last but, defiantly not least there is the Music and dam the atmosphere is mindboogling. Live gigs are one of my favorite things in the world and I get such a buzz after watching a performance, so being able to watch multiple acts in a day is amazing. Where ever you are in a crowd the atmosphere is insane and it’s great rocking up to an act you've never heard of before and falling in love with their sound.  Standing in a crowd and realizing everyone is there for exactly the same reason as you, makes the whole thing a collective experience.

“You embraced the weather, you crowd surfed, you sang at the top of your lungs and you raved like no one else can. 2013, we will not forget you...”

Reading Festival made this statement and it puts Reading in one sentence and demonstrates what a unique atmosphere a festival is. I would attend a festival every year if it wasn't for the continual problem of life- no money- boohoo :’( But guys it is a life experience beyond any others, you grow up and create life memories in a few days, seriously you should all go! It’s one of those events that unless you live it you can never truly understand how brilliant it is.

Peace out my lovelies xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Can every day be great?

In theory I love the idea of taking every day as an opportunity and attempting to make the most of it. You are constantly reminded that life is too short and that you don’t have as long as you think to enjoy those moments. It’s a great idea to do something wild and fun everyday but, sadly that’s just not realistic and the majority of the time you spend revising and being bored which therefore, means you’re actually on the internet.

For example, today I was ‘bored’ since the moment I woke up meaning the two most exciting things are that I made a cake that ended up being rock solid and that Downton Abbey is on TV tonight (best show ever). I know people say that those people who are ‘bored’ are in fact boring people but, I think it was because the useful tasks I had to do today were homework and washing the windows, both of which I’m pleased to say haven’t happened.

If this doesn't make you smile, seriously what can? 
It just makes me reminisce about past memories, watching videos and flicking through pictures from Reading festival and the summer holidays, dreaming that these events could happen constantly. But, it is true that if we were happy and having fun all the time we truly wouldn't appreciate it. So therefore we need to be thankful for the bad days and look forward to the good (Bastille on the 12th October) Once you take a step back and think about it everything not as bad as it seems, right?  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Game Plan

I am constantly told by my friends, family and classmates that I never stop talking. They argue that this is why they love me because they can always rely on me to make the most boring topic sound interesting.  However, with all this being said they do regularly sit there with glazed us, just nodding and agreeing with my constant ramblings. So this is the point of me starting this blog, hopefully you guys can listen to my ‘fun-filled’ stories and opinions.

I think this blog will be a mixture of life stories, opinions and thoughts- hopefully mixing the serious and silly! I don’t have just one specific passion; I dip in and out of different things, meaning I like to think myself as a ‘well-rounded’ person- haahaa. I love fashion, sport, nail-art, YouTube, music and general fandoms- probably making me sound like a mad teenage girl, which I suppose you could argue is true. So fingers crossed that I stick at this...

Peace out my lovelies