Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is the world all fluffy clouds and rainbows?

You know when you get into the shower, loving life, nothing on your mind, singing like you have the voice of Whitney Houston and suddenly boom! Your mind begins racing at 1000 miles per/hour and you can actually picture the thoughts swirling round your head while you try to snatch at each one but, obviously because you’re in the shower these aren’t any normal thoughts. Instead you begin to contemplate the meaning of life, is everyone actually evil? ….

It starts of on a small personal scale and by the time your onto conditioning you are beginning to assess the whole world. Like it’s evident on both a small and large scale that not everyone’s nice. People have different opinions, likes and dislikes- that’s cool, that what makes the world as exciting and vibrant as it is but, sometimes people should just shush. On a simple teenage scale, I do not understand for the life of me why people create hate hashtags or nasty rumours on Twitter. These are usually aimed at specific subcultures, fandoms or celebrities. But, it’s so easy to forget on the internet that these are all real people, who will see and read peoples comments. If you have a justified reason for disliking a person, song, video, book, policy, world view- then go for it, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But, I think everyone has to be careful about aimlessly throwing around mean comments. Why would be create trends such as #killbieber or #dieharrystyles, there is no reason or behind such abuse. Yes, they may have made mistakes but, at the end of the day their human beings who have made mistakes and I cannot imagine what it would be like to read comments such as that about yourself. Also the rumours we hear about them in the media is probably less than half of the story and also generally none of our business so why care?

But, then in the shower I realise that the people who perhaps get caught up in these, I have no better way of putting it, rude hashtags, can also be a part of something beautiful online. Over the last week Twitter has helped to raise over £3 million for Teenage Cancer Trust, with people spreading the message about Stephen Sutton. But, also that I have no right to judge people’s online opinion either because I have no understanding of their life, similar to that lack of knowledge around a ‘celebrity.’ There may be a reason behind their anger or in reality they could be exactly the same as me, bursting full of rainbows and unicorns ;) So perhaps as Sirius Black most kindly put it, "We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

So I emerge from the shower and this blog post exactly as I started, back to square one because every time I have a debate with myself I end up creating a complete circle in my opinion, which in my view demonstrates what a great debater I truly am. Now I did have a lot more serious and earth shattering thoughts this evening but, for some reason this blog post took me down this pointless avenue; so we shall save my other revolutionary comments for another time.

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx  

Track of the week: we're still riding the love of The Cab, most specifically LaLa 

Sunday, 20 April 2014


I am officially a working girl HOLA! I am earning real life living money, it may be the minimum wage of £3.72 an hour (I am aware that's rubbish) but, that is a whole £3.72 more than what I was previously earning! 

This is the first time in my life that I will have my own money! I shall no longer feel guilty spending my parents cash when going out because I will hopefully have a stash that is all mine! However, I have already warned my parents that they're going to be paying for the majority of my life such as, public transport and necessary clothing because otherwise this whole me working situation for extra money is pointless, because train fares are extortionate now days I tell you! 

My road to part-time employment  was a rough one as I'm sure you've all experienced. I spent months looking for suitable openings and then when I applied I was either too young or lacked experience. I am still bamboozled on how I was meant to gain experience if no one offered me a job, but hey hoe we've moved on from that point and are now in a job, which so far seems okay- and by this I mean I don't dread going to work- yet! 
I am already dreaming of my first pay check next week and I think I might frame it, I'm that proud of getting a job! It also fits my life perfectly, with me only working every Saturday and then loads in holidays, meaning it won't affect my education *nods with knowing eyes* or hopefully my superb blogging skills eehhh. 

In the three weeks I've worked there, in my opinion, I've already become a pro at working the till, answering the phone and giving dirty looks to rude customers! Look at me a grown women! 
What's been your guys most recent step into the big wide world? Have you changed school, got your driving licence or moved house? What was your first job like? let me know...

Last but, not least Happy Easter and peace out my lovelies, I hope you are all drowning in chocolate wrappers like me! xxx

Track of the week: Living Louder- The Cab (and all the albums) 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

You Me At Six: Cavalier Youth Tour

YOU.ME.AT.SIX... I have no words after seeing them on the 5th of April; because in a quick summary they were flaming brilliant! 

The atmosphere was electric with the sweaty crowds enthusiasm in Ally Pally being comparable to Reading Festival! We had people on each other's shoulders and shirts off! There were mosh pits, surges and jumping beyond belief, with a crowd that I don't think could get any better! A highlight has to be when the whole crowd crouched down on the floor ready to jump- just picture 10,4000 people squished like mushrooms on the floor- 
insanity I tell you! 

Personally I think one of the key reasons why this is perhaps one of my favourite gigs ever is the support acts, Young Kato and Don Broco. I was so excited to see Don Broco and you could tell the crowd was too, with the lads controlling the crowd from the moment they walked on stage; a huge rarity for support bands. For me this meant I wasn't just there to see one act but instead two of my
favourite bands! OLAY

YMAS' setlist had the right combination of old and new songs, meeting the crowds demands and needs, with a nice couple of glitter cannons thrown into the mix too! The crowd knew every word, to every song- I don't think we even needed Josh to sing the words, we could have powered on with Dan, Matt, Max and Chris playing the sweet music. 

The combination of a brilliant setlist, an energetic crowd and a band as great as You Me At Six equaled a phenomenal evening!!

Peace Out My Lovelies xx 

Song of the week: You Wanna Know- Don Broco 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

March Favourites

The month of March has whizzed by just as quickly as the rest of 2014 and while it was a month full of hard work, there have also been extreme highs and all round enjoyment! 

It was a month of film in the life of Amy. Here are my top three favourites: 
1. It started of with the Lego Movie. It is ultimately a cartoon dystopia, were the lead character is completely normal but ends up saving the day! I came out full of such happiness, due to the emotive message and catchy songs! It reinforces the message that everyone is special and I just love that 'everything is awesome' 
2. Frozen. Full stop. End of story. The story, the songs, the everything! Olaf is the cutest thing ever and I perhaps know every single lyric, if you have not seen this movie go run and find it now 
3. On a perhaps more mature note, I finally managed to watch The Butler. It was a truly inspiring film portraying over 70 years of american civil rights History through the eyes of Cecil Gaines; who grew up on a cotton plantation and becomes a Butler to several Presidents in America. It demonstrates the importance of politics, morals, war, friends and most importantly family all within a fascinating historical setting. 

Also, this month I have fully embraced and utilised Spotify, creating multiple playlists for every occasion! It's a great way to listen to an artists album before making the plunge of purchasing it on iTunes or with the phone app just listening to songs on shuffle non-stop! I've also loved finding some of my favourite old school tunes by listening to other people's playlists and suggestions. My current favourite thing to do is to add any song that I hear out and about- no matter the genre, artist or release date to a 'jams' playlist. It's created such a diverse setlist, with continuous tracks that I enjoy. I would a hundred percent recommend that you all experiment with my little Spotify friend. 

On the note of music, I have been smiling like a Cheshire cat due to the success of 5 Seconds of Summer this month; they've performed sold out shows, announced new music and be running around frantically doing PR. Their debut single was number 1 in the UK and Australia last week and I'm sure it shall have similar success worldwide. Personally I'm a much bigger fan of the songs on the EP than the single 'She Looks So Perfect' so if the song that you've perhaps heard on the radio hasn't floated your boat maybe check out some of the other tracks.  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/5-seconds-of-summer/id538811449

I love a good TV drama series and The Musketeers on BCC1 has been no exception! The series final occurred this Sunday evening and I honestly do not know what I'm going to do with myself! It is set in 1630 combing action, love and plotting; to create a stunning tale! Though completely historically inaccurate it does make a thrilling watch and you can catch the whole series on BBC iplayer back to backhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00sxqkd/The_Musketeers_Friends_and_Enemies/

Also, I have developed a bizarre and passionate obsession with unicorns, with the thought of them just bringing me genuine joy! I have wanted to encompass this into all aspects of life and luckily the shops have provided. My personal favourite would be a pair of unicorn and rainbow patterned pajamas from Primark. Though I have seen similar items in the form of bags, jumpers, t-shirts and phone cases dotted about most high street stores; which I've had to try and avoid snapping up with excitment.    

Finally, this winter I have decided to take the fashion plunge and just buy the items I love, as opposed to being concerned about other people's opinions! Since doing so have I not only felt a lot more confident in my outfits but, the compliments of my clothing have gone through the roof! This months love is these .... shoes from Topshop. I've found them so versatile to wear, with the flat heel making them perfect for walks, day adventures and gigs, being a great alternative in the comfort stakes to converse. The shoe style makes them perfect for little skirts or dresses, being capable of being dressed up or down being a nice little alternative to a heeled boot- ooohh fancy! http://www.topshop.com

So that is what I've been loving this month! Let me know what you've been enjoying or if you have any suggestions of what I should be checking out

Peace Out my Lovelies xxx

Blogging Track: Millionaire Dollar Bill- Whitney Houston