Monday, 31 March 2014

A snap shot of Ireland

Two weeks after St. Patrick's Day, when I intended to post this blog, I present to you *drum roll please* IRELAND! 

You see, originally I had the great intention to link the biggest leprechaun party of the year with my love for one of the most beautiful counties on the planet but, life got in the way of my fabulous idea so we're just gonna pretend this is happening in the ordered way I planned because I already wrote the blog, ok, thank turn your mind back to the 17th March would ya...

I hope you all had a grande St Patricks day, I am always utterly bemused by the worldwide celebrations that occur every year to celebrate this tiny little island, my favourite being the dying of the river in Chicago to green! 

Half my family are Irish so I love hearing the stories that they have of growing up in Ireland, as well as hopping across the Irish sea to see my relatives. There are so many things to love about this historic nation from the culture to the sport and to the accent! I've traveled over vast areas of this great country and it's beauty is truly undeniable from the country, to the city and the coast. 

My family are all country bumpkins and the views in County Kildare and Ross Common are truly beautiful. Cows walking past the house to be milked are the norm, with some fabulous wildlife around.  

We normally make a little pit stop, in a region of Ireland that my close family do not live in order to get a little break from the hectic house calls and find some other beauty spots. One of my favourites has to be County Mayo! 

Take some time this week guys and appreciate the view around you, whether its the sun shining, a cute view or a nice piece of architecture (ohh laa laa) and go share it with the world! 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx
Song of the week: Heartache on the Big Screen- 5 Seconds of Summer 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

All glory comes from daring to begin...

It's been a week of triumphant in my life this week and that is because of three very simple reasons. First and defiantly most important (in my eyes at least) is the fact that I slayed everybody in a very intense game of Monopoly! This was no half hearted victory guys and girls, it was the best god dam game I have ever played- 6 hotels, 14 houses and 5 random properties later (yes you heard me right SIX HOTELS) I was the only player left and was wallowing in my fake money- me, competitive? NEVER  (was that a completely pointless story that I shared just because I am still buzzing from the victory 2 days later, yes, yes it was.) 
This links to success number two and that has been spending and most importantly cherishing time with my friends. We haven't done anything fancy- the majority of it was spent in school as always- but we laughed and sang our way through! We've also made the commitment recently to be more spontaneous and actually make an effort to see each other- we've had movie marathons, monopoly nights and park days, which have had us chocking with laughter! 

Finally, I turnt to the dark side and decided that this was the week that I would get fit- yes, I know, I horrify myself! I learnt from an early age to shake the body that god gave me and quickly came to the realisation that I was not built for running- so have never been one to be a debby downer on my body and have always been pessimistic of those people who 'enjoy running' and 'hate carbs and cake'- honestly who do they think they are? 

But, until about 2 years ago I was a keen team sports player- give me a sport with a ball and my friends and I will give it a really good crack- I played netball, rugby, hockey, rounders, the whole shebang! It was an opportunity to let my competitive edge shine, have a laugh with my friends and yell at a couple of people but, most importantly I was getting my daily exercise and forgetting that I was running around like a mad women! 

No, I was never fit- make me run cross country and I literally die- but I did have some form of sporting ability. Three and a half months into the year of 2014, I thought I might give this whole exercise thing a whirl for third time this year and blow me away, it's been relatively successful- I know, it's a shocker! Monday, I went to Zumba with my mother and a girl pal, which was surprisingly bearable and far more enjoyable than running I tell you! Every part of your body is used and it is a laugh seeing these women, myself included, attempt exotic dance moves. The great thing as well is you can go at any pace you want, so no matter your fitness level you can give this a whirl! Thursday, I then went for a run (I feel I portrayed myself and my fellow non-runners by attempting this but, don't worry I treated myself to a chocolate muffin afterwards so I haven't gone completely insane.) I think I looked like I was going to stab every passing pedestrian throughout this horrific process and it was the most torturous 30 minutes of my life but, hey we've all got to start somewhere right? The hope is I carry this on for the rest of my life ( a bit optimistic) perhaps the next month then, because I usually quit these exercise fads after about a week! I'll keep you updated to see if I stick to this exercise, I highly doubt it but, we sure can dream hey? 

So here's to those small triumphs,  *raises imaginary cup* Did you pass a test, find that missing top or remember to clean out your sock draw? I hear you all saying yes; so go and celebrate whatever you achieved this week! 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

PS. Happy St. Patricks to everyone around the world, embrace that inner Irish that I'm sure is inside all of you *blows air kisses of love* 

Artist of the week: everything and anything that is Busted 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

What a glorious day...

I always admire the British spirit and attitude, there is a 'British' way to do anything- from queuing in a line with the right amount of sass, the determination to never make eye contact with strangers, always having a roast on a Sunday no matter the weather and making sure you perfect the correct angry tone while still being polite!  

 Our little island is a moaning population and if there isn't anything that springs to mind to moan about, we shall instead discuss the weather! My whole twitter timeline today is full of people declaring what a 'glorious' day it is because the sun is out and it's a groundbreaking 16°C. There may still be puddles on the floor from the torrential rain that has hovered over us for the last 2 months but, that is nothing but a distant memory today! Every person on my street has whacked their lawnmower out to cut the grass, the washing is on the line and people are walking around in shorts! Obviously, I am no exception I'm sitting in my garden typing this blog post getting my much needed source of Vitamin D, we've got to embrace what we've got while we have it my friends. To any other nation this would probably wouldn't even be mentioned in passing conversation but for good old blighty this is the time of hope, that winter is finally over!  

 Of course it'll all be over by tomorrow probably when the rain will undoubtedly return or we shall begin to complain that it is far too hot! Remember, we live in Britain- we are therefore not prepared for rain, snow or the sun- basically we can not deal with any form of weather but, hey that's what we love about the place! Go outside my little cherubs and embrace the sunshine, yelling to anyone who will listen about 'what a wonderful day it is'  

 Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Blogging Song: Rather Be Feat. Jess Glynee- Clean Bandit 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 Seconds of Awesome

I don’t mean to be dramatic but, last night I think I danced and laughed not only my socks but, probably my shoes off as well. Yes, it was the evening I have been looking forward to and that is… *drum roll please*… the 5 Seconds of Summer gig at O2 Academy Shepherd’s Bush Empire and dam they did not disappoint- like they ever would, honestly don’t be so cynical *cough* still patiently waiting for their debut album *cough.* If you guys don’t know who they are then I’m disappointed in you *disapproving head shake* but, here is a blog post from November when I saw them in Camden which gives a little overview of the life of 5sos:

My own picture, yes you could call me a professional
Now if my excessive use of stage directions were not enough of a giveaway, I had a rather fab time with my best buds making stupid jokes on the tube, in McDonalds and at the venue before singing and dancing our little hearts out to a pretty snazzy set list. We were treated to the old classics and by old I mean having been out for just over a year because remember these Aussie lads are still the new kids on the block. As well as, new songs from the She Looks So Perfect EP *screams with excitement* which were honestly on a completely different scale of greatness and not forgetting two of their famous covers! (Teenage Dreams and  What I Like About You)

A picture to prove my excitement over a bloody cup
Not only was the set list strong but, so was every other aspect from hair game to the atmosphere. The crowd was ready to go as soon as the opening act, Mike Dignam, sang his opening note and was electric for the rest of the evening, with the 5SOS fam even knowing the words to the new songs! I may have only seen their four little faces from a distance, because boy was the crowd formed by some of the tallest girls in London, but they looked like they were enjoying the show just as much as we were! And if this was not enough excitement for one evening I got a Lego Movie Cup from McDonald’s which perhaps tipped my enthusiasm levels slightly over the edge (my sincerest apologies to anyone who was in the same carriage as me on the train because in hindsight I am aware that I was yelling the whole evening but, at least you gained a plot synopsis of The Lego Movie and my Driving Lesson hey!)

Although I had a grand old time unfortunately I am now in that stage of post-concert blues where I am sat in bed curled up like a toasty burrito and where by a trillion episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Musketeers or Mr Selfridge cannot solve the emptiness left after a gig. But, we shall all have to troop on with our lives and wait until next month to see You Me At Six *begins to smile like a Cheshire cat.* Nonetheless, in order to see me through this tough month of no live music and not knowing when I’m going to see the lads live again, if any of you have any good recordings from Shepard’s Bush (03.03.14) please send them over in my direction because I will receive them with open arms!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

PS. My reference to ‘lads’ means 5 Seconds of Summer but, obviously in my mind we are best friends so can talk like that

She Looks So Perfect Music Video:

Blog Writing Song of the Week: Naïve by The Kooks-

Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Everything is awesome!"- The Lego Movie

You know when you’re just really happy, like you’re just doing something and suddenly you get all reflective and are sitting there thing “I am such a lucky person”. This has happened to me today, I was sitting in the back of the car with two of my best friends in the front seats singing and dancing to  the classic High School Musical soundtrack with the sun shining for one of the few times in weeks and it was just beautiful!

Today is the first day in weeks were I can take a deep breath and relax a little, my mock exams are over and I passed my Driving Theory Test today OLÉ, with the added bonus of getting 60/60 in a Russian History essay.  Yes, I may have failed perhaps every mock I took and it may take me multiple attempts to pass my practical driving test (honestly why is it so hard) but, these past couple of weeks are over and actually they weren’t that bad.

You may feel like you’re climbing a never ending mountain in order to get to the goal but, in the wise words of Miley Cyrus “It’s all about the climb!” There’s always going to be another challenge (in my case, coursework, I don’t even have a title yet- please send help) but, enjoy what’s going on around you!     
Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

PS. Film of the week is The Lego Movie!! I went and watched it today and it put me in such a positive mood- light hearted, funny and with a great message, check out the trailer here: and if you don’t start giggling then you have no soul

Song of the week is the incredibly annoying but, enthusiastic song from the movie: