Sunday, 24 November 2013

Social Media

The question of this generation seems to be whether social media is a good or bad thing. There are obviously clear positives to world of the internet. It means you can find out about people’s lives across the globe, stalk celebrities, bond with people who have the same obsessions as you, google anything but, as with anything there clear downsides to the web.

The internet is a perfect place to secretly be yourself, you can be parts of fandom which your friends may not be and be as a freakishly obsessed as others. It means you can bind together with these invisible strangers over fan art, gossip and news. It is clear the power of the internet, just look at the celebrities of today from One Direction to Kim Kardashian, people make their name from the internet. Some people argue that it’s a bad thing that people become famous with ‘no talent’ or that people begin to like musicians not because of their sound but their personalities. I think it means people become well known in a more organic way. An act can slowly build up a fan base without a record label or tv executives. Someone can start out by posting YouTube videos and playing small shows. Sure, you can argue that eventually this turns into record labels telling the artist what to post but, it still means a deeper connection between the act and fan.

Also, think how stuck we would be if we couldn’t ‘google’ everything. The inter-web is a place for of knowledge, which is just waiting to be found. Today, if you have a question or want a random fact, you can find the answer in seconds without any hassle.  Yesterday, was the big fight between Froch and Grove’s and I was out with my family, they were all asking me to look on Twitter to see how it was going even though they have no idea how social media works, demonstrating the power of the web. As well as facts it can also bring humour and life lessons. Look at Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Keek, Vine, Bloggers and Vloggers they all make you laugh, even if you’re hating on the world but, they can also teach you to do Maths or apply eyeliner. The internet is a ball of both light hearted and serious knowledge.

Yes, it is black hole which you get sucked into and can ‘waste’ many of hours of your life absorbed in, clicking on one link after another but, it opens your horizons and helps you create dreams that you would never do normally. For me the web has installed my inner fan girl, making me realise that there are fandoms as huge as One Direction but, for the bands that I’m obsessed with (I have nothing against One Direction and am kind of a secret fan girl but, hush #teampunkrock) but, has also made me realise that I can do what I want. It’s a constant motivator to have fun every day, appreciate what I’ve got and dream big because anything is possible.
Think before you speak 

Social Media is the best way to stay in touch with friends. My whole secondary school group of friends went to different schools for sixth form but, Whatsapp has meant that in a group chat we still no every detail of every day and have stayed in contact with each other.  It also keeps me in contact with my new friends, because even though we see each other every day, in the hussle and bussle of everyday life we rarely actually get to talk.

However, when on the internet remember every word you write sounds harsher. People can’t hear the sarcasm in your voice, the true meaning of the sentence or your instant reaction to a message, everything sounds that much harsher. So think before you send a message, does it sound like you and don’t hide behind the wall of the web; only say what you would to that persons face.  Social Media is the thing that units are generation but, there are constant reminders around the world that we need to use it for right. 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nail Art Baby

I am a firm believer in a polished look and I therefore love painting my nails. I feel that even if I go out in leggings and a hoodie, if my nails are unchipped then I can take on the world. But, the majority of the time slapping on a solid colour doesn’t cut it for me, I always love glitter, patterns and uniqueness in everything I do, so I’ve made that apply to my nails through the magic of nail art. I think it’s a great way to subtly distinguish yourself and adds a pop of your own style into every outfit.

I think everyone is capable of nail art, because you don’t need to be good art or imaginative in any shape or form. There is the world of the internet to help you with stacks of ideas on Tumblr, most specifically on Fuck Yeah Nails as well as, PinInterest. It just takes a little time and practice to develop a slightly steady hand and then you’re away.

  It is also a great way to incorporate a festival into your look whether its Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Fireworks or Birthdays. It means you have a constant reminder of the event and have some festive cheer. Obviously you can’t walk around for the whole month of December with a Christmas Jumper on, especially if you’re at school or work but, by painting your nails you can represent.                     

Now people always ask me how I have time to do it but, think how much of a week you spend watching TV or videos online. Now being realistic you’re never just watching that, you’re either on twitter, instragram or doing your homework as well. So why not paint your nails when doing it? I hate just sitting watching the TV so find it an engaging and relaxing way to spend an evening.

So perhaps next time you’re painting your nails, be a little more inventive, even if its adding a strip or a couple of spots to them! 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

PS. Check out my Instagram amygill_96 for more of my nail designs and Ideas, taaa 

Friday, 1 November 2013


                Perhaps one of my favourite things in the world is going to gigs. I love the atmosphere and the electricity in the room, with it being one of the view things that I actually get an adrenaline rush from. I always end up thinking about how amazing it must be for the artist to know that everyone in that room is there for them and their music. I think my favourite part is listening to the crowd sing every single word of a song back, carrying the tune and being a small choir of fans. I’m always awe-struck at the sole fact that I have at least one thing in common with every single person in that room.

                I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for weeks but either haven’t had the motivation or time (bad Amy) because earlier this month I saw Bastille at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. I love this venue because it’s small. The crowd is large enough to create a great atmosphere but, it means no matter where you are you’re close to the act.  Bastille were on form as always, smashing every note of every song. Their haunting sound, struck a note with us being treated with some new songs- YAY!
                However, the crowd was perhaps one of the most annoying I’ve ever been in. Now the majority of them I’m sure were lovely people but, I think I ended up being next to some of the most annoying young girls, whom clashed with some of the most boring girls. So it wasn’t perhaps the happiest atmosphere but, don’t worry I did not let that get the better of me! I trooped on and it was an awesome gig.

                So all in all I can confirm from Reading and now that Bastille are remarkable and sound exactly like they do on record. I adore that feeling of looking forward to a gig all week, doing your research, looking up the set list, queuing to go in, standing through the support acts and finally seeing what you’ve been waiting for. Then coming out and realising you have to wait a couple of months until you get to live this experience again. So now I’m left with watching concerts on YouTube, until November when I get to see my boys 5 Seconds of Summer- Woop Woop!