Sunday, 26 January 2014

'Music speaks what cannot be expressed'

I’ve finally got round to updating my iTunes and Spotify library instead of just listening to the Radio or the same old music. I am super excited to listen to some of my favourite artist’s albums everyday because I feel I’ve been missing out for so long! It’s a job that’s been on the bottom of my to-do list for months and I finally had time to organise my collection.

My first port of call was ‘Days Are Gone’ by Haim. I loved the sound of them from the moment I heard their first single. They’re songs you can wiggle your hips too and it’s so unique to have 3 girls playing instruments and writing their own songs. I feel sassy after listening to their album, without having to turn to the Pop divas of the world.

Next was the one and only Arctic Monkeys, I was amazed at how many songs I knew from their album ‘AM’ when I looked at the track list. Throughout 2013 I wasn’t that fused by their up and coming album but, its constant Radio play and my friends obsessions have defiantly got to me. It’s a great album to listen to in the car or while doing work, the beat gives you a solid drive!

Last weekend I re-discovered Ed Sheeran’s EP’s on Spotify and fell in love with his music all over again. You can see how his sound has matured from ‘Loose Change’ to ‘+’ and makes me even more determined to see him in October! All of his songs never get old and I can listen to them onto repeat. He also seems like a really nice guy, this obviously has no relation to his musical ability but it makes me like him that much more. His Tweets and Instagram’s are hilarious!

While I was busy downloading new music I also took this opportunity to create and shuffle some of my favourite playlists- never say I do a job half-heartedly- I nearly have a playlist for all occasions.  One of my favourites is my ‘I’m a strong independent women’ playlist- containing power songs from Queen B, Little Mix (‘Move’ is my jam), Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry- which is perfect for when indie lyrics are not working their magic and you need a lift to be that sassy women that is inside all of us. Then I have a ‘Movie and Disney playlist’, this just reminds me of school completely with all my friends being Disney whores! Play me Mulan, Lion King or High School Musical and I’m your girl.  Then there is the inevitable ‘Sunset’ playlist, which is perfect for train or bus journeys home, with some nice slow songs for you to reflect including Michael Buble, Adele and Mike Dignam. But, I think my favourite playlist is ‘Soul Sisters’ which is a collection of my favourite songs, most of which from a couple of years ago, that I often forget about because I don’t have a whole album from this artist. I would honestly recommend this to anyone because it’s made me listen to some of my favourite songs regularly! Mine includes Boys Like Girls, My Chemical Romance, Busted, Metro Station, Black Kids and The All-American Rejects.

Then I made a couple of playlists on Spotify consisting of artists like Vance Joy, American Authors and Half Moon Run, so I can listen to their albums before making my opinion of them and the huge commitment of spending my cash. I’ve found this a great and easy way to listen to a ‘new’ artist and is so much easier than YouTube.

Last, but certainly not least, one of my favourite bands, You Me At Six, released their new album today titled ‘Cavalier Youth’. I’ve been listening to it the whole time I’ve been typing this blog post and I’m loving what I’m hearing so everyone go check them out! *winks in a persuasive manor*

When I was falling asleep last night I tried to work out how many hours of music I listen to in a day out of choice ie. Not just randomly in a shop and figure that the minimum amount on an average day is 4 and a half hours. That’s a lot of music and is proof of my obsession; I have songs that remind me of a memory as much as pictures do! What’s your favourite artist or song? Any suggestions of people I should check out?

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

January Blues

The January Blues have officially hit me this week and I cannot quiet figure out why. So now nicely full up with a delightful Sunday Roast and considering the best time to eat my Lemon Tart I’m going to try and figure out why by typing a little rant! Let’s see were this takes us.

This is perhaps the most accurate
representation of me ever 
These past couple of weeks I have been quiet content in my own company; to be honest I think that’s when I’ve been most happy. Now that is all fine and dandy for a couple of days, everyone needs some ‘me’ time but, I do not consider that to be healthy for any longer.

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, firstly because I have been experiencing a serious case- of a cough and cold. Now I’m not one to over-react (I am a hundred percent a drama queen) but, this seriously took the life and soul out of me! Last Sunday I had three naps- that is not normal! I also had a mock to revise for, making me realise that I’m in deep doggy do-do currently in terms of the information I have actually retained for my exams.  This was all topped off with me just feeling lost and very hormonal (being ill and hormonal are not a good mix trust me.) All of the above put me in a poor mood and made me realise that there has actually been a bigger problem, I’ve been feeling lost and lonely.

Here is a little overview of my friendships… basically I have two set of friends. My initial friends from Secondary School and then my ‘new’ Sixth Form friends. My Secondary School Friends and I have been inseparable since year 7 but, all five of us went to different sixth forms. But, we’ve all stayed super close; thanks to the power of a group of chat and meet up regularly like the sophisticated gals we are for coffee (hot chocolate) for a good old catch up. We all live about an hour away from each other, with the majority of them having Saturday jobs or boyfriends. This means organising when to meet up is often a challenge and our time together often lacks that fun and childish laughter that we used to experience every single day at school. I feel as though they have all grown up quicker than me, actually perhaps it’s not even that- they are just experiencing different things at the moment. I stayed at the same school for Sixth form, whereas they all flew the nest, meaning completely new friends and surroundings. They are also all 18, when I’m sadly 17, being the baby of the group with my birthday being in July (I expect gifts) this means I’m missing out on going to the pub and am yet to pass my driving test unlike my pals. They are also romancing numerous boys whereas, I’m firmly stuck in ‘the strong independent women’ zone because I am surrounded by boys (maybe I should call them men) whom I’ve known for 7 years, meaning I’ve seen the good and bad of all of them. In essence I’m kind of feeling left out!  

Then I have my new set of friends who are just as mad, crazy and beautiful as my older chums. I get to see them every day so therefore experience the highs and lows of everyday life with them still. But recently I have felt distant from them as well. Sadly I’m not going on a girls holiday with them as I’m going with my old chums (I went to Reading Festival with my ‘new’ friends so it kind of works itself out) so while they chat and organise their activities I just feel left out. It doesn’t help that one of them seems to be wondering off and isolating herself from the group. She’s been in a relationship for three years but, suddenly seems to be spending all of her time with him. Surprisingly even though I see these people every single day, I feel as I never speak to them, making me realise how important communication truly is in a relationship.

So I’ve finally realised that these are my life woes! I know there not much but, it’s made me realise I should probably discuss this with some of my friends before I end up a crying in a little ball in the corner. However, I know I’m not going to tell them how I feel and shall ignore the problem like the true British person I am but, sharing it with the inter-web shall be the next best thing hey!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Monday, 13 January 2014

The 1975

What other way is there to deal with the doom and gloom of January and finish the first week of school with? Going to a gig of course! I with a stack of friends, trundled along the whole Victoria Line to see The 1975 at the Brixton O2 Academy and boy they didn’t disappoint, nor did the venue for that matter.

 It was nice to see this breakthrough act of 2013 properly in concert. I went and had a listen at Reading, and it was only a listen at that because I was ten rows outside the actual tent; showing how popular they have become. The crowd was loving the constant switch of sound The 1975’s set provides and was continuously bobbing along and swaying those hips! The support acts where pretty dandy too including Swim and Alice Wolf. A nice part of the set was when Max Heely went up to the seating area and you could hear everyone up their fangirl and obviously feeling the reaction of everyone to the hits such as Girls, Chocolate and Sex. 

 This was the first time I had been to the Brixton Academy and it was such a beautiful venue but, the best thing is the slopping floor. It meant wherever you stand there is an awesome view of the stage, even if you’re as unfortunate as me and always end up standing behind some 6ft guy. Also, because it’s an O2 venue if you’re an O2 customer you get instant entry with 3 friends, cancelling out the hours of queuing required for most standing gigs, with the added bonus of free cloakroom with priority moments. This was defiantly an example of simple pleasures in life because I was buzzing about these privileges.

 Every time I see a new act in concert or attend a new venue, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m finally broadening my London knowledge and can feel my confidence growing in discovering the world! So don’t be scared about going somewhere you don’t know, take the leap of faith because you’ll be sure to have a great time! So go book or plan an adventure people- preferably a gig- because that’s the best type of adventure! 

 Peace Out My Lovelies xxx