Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer Dreams #7

14th August- 19th August: Hatfield Forest

There is very rarely a day in this hectic world were you can take a day to sit with friends, in the sun with beautiful scenery and relax. This was exactly the point to my little excursion to a fairly local forest. It was a day full of laughter, tanning, eating and life chats. 

I think I’m becoming old or alternatively blogging obsessed because I just love scenery and keep being constantly astounded by the everyday sights we see. I think that now I have little to worry about, I am taking this breathe in my life to enjoy everyone and everything around me and I suggest you guys do the same!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Starlight- Taylor Swift

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summer Dreams #6

  7th-13th August : Explore your surroundings 

The majority of people think that they live in the most boring places on earth, me included but, sometimes we are just get too caught up in everyday life or are normal routes to notice the beauty or opportunities that are right in front of us. Now I am defiantly not saying that after this little adventure you are going to think you live in the most beautiful or dramatic area that graced this planet but; it'll pass a couple of hours, you'll have a giggle and you may find a little hidden gem stone. 

Now it's a pretty simple task, go on an unplanned walk for at least 30 minutes, taking at least 3 right and 3 left turns. We had to carry this out as part of my friends art college assignment; but it ended up being a 4 hour hilarious adventure, where we were caught in a random storm and beautiful sunshine. 

We found housing estates and little forests right on our door steps and best of all it didn't cost a single penny. 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx 

Track of the week: Girls- Mayday Parade 

In case you didn't notice it's a smiley face with 'love' written on it; so tumblr 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I am a university student

You are now reading a blog written by a university student. Yes, you read that right, I only bloody well got into my first choice university!!

Results day has been a looming black cloud this summer and to say that Thursday 14th August 2014 was a day that would determine the rest of my future, was no small exaggeration. Yes, I know university is not the be all and end all of life but, it was something that I desperately wanted to do and having no back up plans meant that I was lacking any other options. So the build up to D-day was rather intense, shown by the fact that when I logged onto UCAS track at 7:45am I burst into snot filled tears instantly. 

Results day could have gone either way 
I am going to be attending a Russel Group university, studying a subject that I love and moving out of home in just over a month- something that I had never truly expected to happen. I was ready and waiting to go through clearing; having googled 'what is clearing' and downloading the Telegraph's app. It is surreal that the work of the last 2 years has paid off and my goal has been achieved. 

I didn't actually achieve my required grades gaining ABB instead of the desired AAB but, I couldn't give a hoot to be perfectly honest with you because the end goal was achieved. I am ready to go on this exciting journey and obviously bring you guys along with me. 

How did your results day? Good luck if you're awaiting your GCSE grades next week or any other results, I  shall say a little pray for you all. 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Last Night- The Vamps 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer Dreams #5

31st July- 6th August: Road Trips

A traditional association with summer is road trips and the reason for that is because they are awesome. The car or train journey can be just as fun as the day itself; with my friends and I fulfilling the stereotype and belting out tunes on our way to Frinton-On-Sea this week. We were blessed with glorious sunshine all day; which combined with our natural comedic ability meant a beautiful day by the sea. 

For the first time since starting this blog I have nothing else to say and am instead just going to let the pictures do the talking.

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the Week: Gotta Go My Own Way- High School Musical 2 SoundTrack 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Dreams #4

21st July- 30th July: Get out of your comfort zone 

I am a talker. If someone appears vaguely interested in what I've got to say then I can ramble on for minutes hours years. However, I have a distinct fear of meeting new people. I realise that my panic is often ridiculous because at the end of the day, I am a rather confident and loud individual but, that does not stop me from bricking it. I have to force myself to go out in these situations and I am always overjoyed that I forced myself to go because, 95% of the time making new pals is amazing!

This week it was my best friends birthday party. I know her from primary school but, we have since gone to different schools; which meant I knew nobody at this event- especially as my plus one bailed on me last minute. I obviously forced myself to go like the trooper I am,  with the comfort that I could always go and hide with her mum upstairs. But, I did not need to worry, after ignoring the slightly awkward start, mingling was easy enough and I soon found some new BFFL's- proven in the fact that we have since followed each other on Twitter. 

Now obviously you guys do not need to do something as extreme as rocking up somewhere and not knowing anyone, because although I had a great time I am quite happy to not repeat the event. But, summer is a time for trying new things and meeting new people. When going out perhaps try not just sitting with your old pals, go and chat with someone new. Alternatively wear something that you wouldn't normally or go on an adventure. Summer was designed to make memories but, the only way to truly do that is to get out of your comfort zone and perhaps even be a little reckless. 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Heart and Soul- Twin Atlantic 

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