Monday, 19 May 2014


I only live about thirty minutes away from the big city by train but, it's ridiculous how rarely I actually make use of one of the best cities in the world!

Over the last month or so, I've actually hit the city a couple of times and it's rejuvenated my love for the hussle and bustle as well as, made me notice the opportunities and adventures I'm missing out on! It's great to explore alone or with a group of friends. You can literally sit in a restaurant all day and watch the world tick by or get involved in all the activities the capital has to offer!

I realise if you don't live in London or know what you're looking out for it can often be hard to find gold mines outside the traditional attractions. As I'm edging towards my summer break, I'm super excited to make every day count and have memories to look back on! Here's some events and links that I found:

1. It gives a comprehensive guide to all the shopping that London has to offer from major retail parks such as Oxford Street and Westfield Stratford to Camden or Greenwich Market

2. There is a range of outdoor cinema screenings around London and you’ll probably be surprised that there might even be some in your local areas. There is a range of venues holding them this year in London, the most famous being Somerset House, showing both old and new films.

3. In essence, I basically like the name and design of this site, I’m easily pleased what can I say. But, it also has great content on weekend adventures from every single angle that you could think of

4. This site has every Vintage store, restaurant and style that you could need in London; being able to find events based on region, decade or date you can defiantly fulfil your hipster dream.

If you guys have any ideas or knowledge of some great hideouts please let me know, I'm a so ready to live life to the full, even if it is near home and on a budget!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Biffy Clyro- Sounds like Balloons

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Exam Season

Guys, it’s happened. Exams are upon us, we can no longer pretend they’re not happening; instead it’s a very real reality that I’m afraid that we’re all going to have to live with. Though, instead of revising I am fully evoked in the age old mission that is procrastination! This week I have hidden in my room- so my parents think I am revising- and instead done some extensive online shopping, scrolled through blogs, watched every single YouTube video in and outside my extensive subscription box and somehow ordered One Direction tickets? Yes, I realise I have problem and we need to deal with it, urgently!
For everyone at my school and from excessive stalking of the whole entire planet on every social media platform I realise that perhaps nearly every student between the ages of 16 and 21 are drowning in fear, stress, procrastination and revision. Although, I find this significantly reassuring that everyone from the UK to France to Australia are all struggling with their studies and that it’s not just me praying that the markers are overly generous this year; it does make me wonder the real point of exams. At the end of the day 14 years of education finishes with some letters to mark your GCSE’s- in my case some very good letters- 8A’s, 4B’s- I think you’ll find, me? boasting? Neverrrr. But, then when I finish my A-levels and pray to the man in the sky that I come out with the grades I need, nobody is going to care about my GCSE’s and this will be continually circle when I finish my degree and gain a big grown up job. So why are we all stressing so much? Because unfortunately in our society grades matter and 16 years of education are going to come down to 6 exams for me to prove that I have the intellectual ability to be a superstar *cries a little bit inside*

This pressure clearly effects everyone in different ways. Personally I love to pretend that I don’t care (I care a lot) and go into denial. This often leads me to cry extensively about anything slightly emotional or stressful such as, dementia TV programmes and driving lessons. I also seem to spend money, for what I hope to be the bright sunny future I see after exams. I have bought clothes online for my future summer adventures and have started planning events 2 months in advance. Lord! I booked One Direction tickets for Wembley Stadium on Friday night, due to sheer peer pressure and for the need to have something to look forward too. I don’t even like One Direction! Translation: Actually I do quiet like good old 1D, shown in the fact that I know all the words to all the songs, they seem like nice lads, but I try to pretend to be musically superior to the majority of my friends who like them. So, although I’m going to pretend I hate every single moment of being there, I know I will dance and sing until my lungs hurt and am actually super looking forward to it, especially as it’s in the middle of my exams and it’ll be a great stress release! Also, slightly more excited by the fact that my 5 Seconds of Summer are supporting them y’know, olay!!

I sometimes fear that I am going a little bit mad, I know I defiantly do sound so in this blog post, but then I see my friends watching every single episode of Games of Thrones (I’m being good and waiting till after exams haahaa) or getting paralytically drunk, I realise that I’m perhaps doing ok. Maybe me writing a blog post about exams and my fear of failing is actually far better than revising in the first place? You don’t agree? You think I should go work? I pinkie promise I will after this and maybe a snack break as well ok?

Whooo that blank page filled up a little quicker than anticipated, sorry that my ramblings seem to get longer by the week! How’s all your exams going? Or are some of you the lucky buggers without exams? What’s your top tip to motivate yourself to revise, apart from the need to get the grades? Please let me know, I need all the help I can get! Hope you have a good week,

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Song of the week: Lifening- Snow Patrol 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

April Favourites

The fact that we’re in the month of May astonishes me but, I can safety say that April has been a month of fulfilment and I have loved spending time with the people I love, check out my Instagram: amygill_96 for some pictures of my fun-filled affairs! As always my favourites are wide and ranging so let’s get crack-a-lacking…

We shall start with the most important thing in mine and hopefully all your lives, food. The Apple and Mango Innocent Juice has literally changed my life. I drink the whole bottle the day my mum buys it and then wait longingly for her to go food shopping again! Also, I have been loving Sweet and Salt popcorn, any brand, I’m not fussy. Before this discovery I wasn’t a huge lover of popcorn but this has changed my opinion entirely! Also, generally this seems to be pretty low in calories; even if you eat the whole bag as well as, low in price- so let’s be honest everyone is winning.

Obviously I have a couple of film favourites and this month they’re all films which truly demonstrate how behind the times I really am. I watched all three Batman films with my Dad and I was so shocked by how much I loved all of them- the ending in The Dark Knight Rises just blew me away. After watching half of the first film, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to watch the whole box set. I didn’t think I would be a fan of this sort of action film but, I’m now excited to watch similar films such as Spiderman! Any suggestions?

After constant demands from my friends I finally got round to watching Tangled and it was fabulous. I loved the twist on the traditional story of Rapunzel and there was some great songs and moments but, obviously it had nothing on Frozen.

I discovered The Cab this month. I don’t know how and when but, I knew one of their old singles ‘Angel with a Shotgun’ off by heart and decided it was finally time to listen to albums and dam were they good! The music is super easy and catchy to listen to again and again! When I like a band’s music I love to know a little bit about them and it appears that the The Cab’s line-up has changed more times than my nail colour, so if anyone’s a fan and knows the ins and outs of this band please help a girl out!
For the first time in my life I had the ability to splurge on make-up, leading me to buy a MAC lipstick and blusher. Although, they are little more expensive I think it’s defiantly worth it, especially with the lipstick! It stays on so much longer than say your high-street Rimmel lipstick as well as, being a lot smoother to re-apply and blend.

What have been your favourite’s this month? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Song of the week: Blink 182- I Miss You