Monday, 23 June 2014

Top Ten Festival Tips

Festival season in the UK is officially upon us! Isle of Wight has been and gone and Glasto is this weekend so here are my top ten tips for first time festival goers.

1. Be prepared. The week before your festival keep checking online for the stage set times and print yourself off a copy for all stages and days. This way you can pre-plan your favourite acts, ensuring that you don't miss any of the key artists and make the most of every minute! Highlight your day plan for each day, which avoids any band clashes or last minute arguments with your friends; enabling you to just move with the spirit of the festival as opposed to running around like a headless chicken. Also, this stops you having to buy the expensive landyards.  

2. Toiletries. This is lame but vital. Face the facts you are probably not going to be washing for 3 days but, don't worry it's defiantly not as bad as it seems. Remember everyone is in the same boat as you and girls if you're worried about greasy hair then don't fret. I went with girls with all hair colours, lengths and washing routines ie. normally wash every day, every other day, twice a week and surprisingly all our hair provided and got into the festival spirit! I honestly believe that the sweat from gigs and dry shampoo being our best friends actually meant pretty fresh hair. Also, girlies make sure you pack femfresh- you may have never heard of this but I swear to god it will revolutionise your life and keep your lady garden as fresh as a daisy. 

3. Florescent paint is the way forward in fixing your face. If you're looking a bit tired after a couple nights of partying and sleeping in a tent this will brighten your face up a treat. And let's be honest who doesn't enjoy ultimately slapping paint on your face and a festival is the only time you can walk around with bright weird patterns without anyone giving you a second glance. 

4. Be Spontaneous. Go and see artists that you have never heard of because those can honestly be some of the funniest times. Pick a name that sounds interesting or just stay at a stage after an act you've actually planned to see. Listening to an artist live is one of the best ways to find new music you love. Alternatively if you hate the sound of the act you're listening to whether it's pop or heavy metal either simply leave the tent or go mad dancing or mucking about but, 9 times out of 10 you will probably find some new music that you love. 

5. Take a bum bag, fanny pack, whatever you want to call it, these are a necessity! In normal society and the fashion world these may be as frowned upon as socks and sandals but, it is the epitome of festival fashion; with it a hundred percent being the norm. You cannot be carrying round a heavy rucksack because by the end of the day you will have a broken back, have been unable to bust out some dance moves and also sadly more than likely have your stuff stolen. And as hard as it is for me to say this, being a girl who carries around the kitchen sink in her hand bag, in the arena you can fit everything you need in a bum bag- a little bit of money, a camera and maybe a little lip gloss 

6. Stay hydrated! This was one of my worries before going to a festival as I guzzle water like it's going out of fashion but, never fear these festival organisers know what they're doing! Don't keep splurging on water as there are taps all around the arena where you can fill up your bottles up for free. Simple and easy! 

7. 'Embrace' festival fashion! Don't be nervous with what you're going to wear, it's defiantly different to normal. Obviously make sure it's comfy and weather appropriate (always take wellies and a rain mac) but don't be scared to be flamboyant or show a little more skin than usual- I wore shorts and a crop top which I would never dream of doing in everyday life! Get in the crazy sunglasses and headbands to wear and don't fear if you cannot find any on the high street as there are plenty of stalls inside the gates to cater for your every needs 

8. Take a camera, whether it’s a digital or disposable and snap away like there is no tomorrow. You will want to remember your festival experience for the rest of your life. Pictures are the best way to keep these moments in your mind so take them in camp, in crowds, with strangers or even inside the First Aid tent as I found out; because you will defiantly laugh when you look back on them.

9. Plan. If you’re worried or anxious about going to a festival because you don’t know the ins and outs then don’t fret. Firstly, remember that the majority of the people attending are also newbies and generally the festival scene is one of the friendliest environments around. You will find your feet pretty fast once you arrive, with there being plenty of staff and volunteers to help you out if you have any questions. Before leaving home check out the ‘Info’ section which can be found on festival websites. It will defiantly put your mind at ease as well as, giving you all the do’s and don’ts.

10.Embrace it!! This is the most important and simplest tip but, just get involved. A festival is the same as everyday life and is going to be as good as you make it! Obviously stay safe but, go wild and have fun. Make festival friends that you will probably never see again, dance like no one is watching and sing until you lose your voice.

I hope these are helpful to you guys! Attending Reading Festival last year was honestly one of the best experiences of my life and I am so gutted that I cannot go this year when the line-up is so unbelievable. I shed a little tear every time someone mentions Blink-182, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore and You Me At Six all playing over the same weekend.  Ask any other questions you have in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer them and let me know your favourite concert or festival memories as I love hearing about other people’s experiences.

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the Week: Ed Sheeran’s Album ‘X’ 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Where We Are Tour

Friday night was so wrong yet so very right! I went and watched the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction and to be honest with you it was bloody brilliant. 

I have always had an interest in 1D, I think I'm fascinated by the phenomenon! The boys, fandom and evolution intrigues me. I would love to find out what Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn actually feel about their success and now that I'm part of a 'teenage fandom' under 5 Seconds of Summer, I now realise the community created by a common interest in music (when the fandom is being nice) and the pure joy it can bring! 

As you know if you're returning to my blog, I love a live gig! My friends are fans of 1D and I always thought that the atmosphere at their concert would be pretty epic. This combined with the fact that my loves, 5 Seconds of Summer, are the supporting act during the Where We Are Tour meant that on a revision break whim a couple of weeks ago we cracked and bought tickets. 
So let's get crack a lacking on talking about this concert! 5sos get better and better every time I see them, I may be a little biased but I cannot wait until they release their debut self-titled album. In my green standing zone I was the only one going mental for their set, but don't worry guys I did not give up! I danced and sang like there was nobody watching, with it making me so happy that this is the third time I've seen them live since November; especially before they become major, major rock stars! 

The main act, One Direction you cannot fault as performers in my opinion. They know how to work that crowd, hit those notes and make it feel like they are singing those world famous hits directly to you.  For their first stadium tour they did not hold back on the fireworks and confetti cannons, with great staging for the whole crowd to get involved. Their much loved banter between each other and the fans was ever present; to make a pretty fulfilling show on all accounts. 

I'd heard a lot about directioners at concerts but, with a couple of exceptions I was really impressed. The girls around me where calm and respectful, with unnecessary screaming kept to a minimum with them being complete absorbed by the chaps singing.

However, I have to say that the energy of the crowd has been far better at Reading festival and You Me At Six concerts for example. There was dancing and jumping on a couple of tracks but generally everyone seemed to be very focused on videoing the performance or being transfixed by, those lads undeniably beautiful faces. I can completely understand that after paying so much for a ticket that you want to have all the memories to reminisce but, I'm a firm believer in embracing the moment and to fully enjoy a concert you have to party!! 
I am hundred percent pleased that I went Friday night though! It was a brilliant stress relieve and One Direction I think deserve more credit than they get from the outside world! Since the X-Factor they have ultimately conquered the world and worked continuously to get where they are; with their voices improving drastically and their desire to be song writers ever increasing! I'm also stoked that 'when I'm old and grey' I can say that I went to see the biggest boy band of my generation! What's the best concert you've been to and what's your view on 1D? 

Peace Out My Lovelies x 

Track of the week: Friends- Eliza and the Bear 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The end of an era

Hey guys, did you miss me? Didn't notice I was gone? Thought so, don't worry I'll forgive you 

It's been a busy and transformative couple of weeks in my life. I have officially left school. Writing that sentence actually terrifies me, it makes it way to official. After 7 years of education in the same school it's finally all over. Yes, I have to go in for my last couple of exams but, there shall be no more bus journeys, form time banter, lunch songs or lessons. It's an end of an era in every sense, I'll see my friends a lot still but, it's sad to know that I won't see most people  who I've spent everyday with again. Y'know those people who you just chat to because they're in your lessons or you see them in the lunch queue and sometimes that was the best bit of school! Chatting to people outside your friendship group who had different personalities and attitudes but, who you could connect with about something for those couple of minutes.

And for some reason I think everyone realised that leaving school meant that the end of our little community. In the last week of school we bonded and became closer all over again. The separate groups and cliques came together to celebrate, whether we like it or not, the institution and people that have nurtured us from children into young adults. (whoo that sounds deep) We had pranks, BBQ's, pub crawls and parties to start of the celebrations that will continue long after exams have finished. 

Prank 1: People bought a real life living chicken and put it in our head of years office.* 
Prank 3: Over 2000 post-it notes stuck to the whole sixth form corridor and the movement of furniture.
I think I'll miss the safety net of going to school everyday; the constant routine, everyone knowing you, everyone understanding you- yes there are times when it was god awful but overall I loved school! I ignore when people tell you that school is the best time of your life because if you grow up with that attitude you never aim to be better but, to be honest I don't mind if this was the best time of my life because I had a blast doing it! 

Peace out my lovelies xxx

Song of the week: Lonely Girl- Tonight Alive 
 * No chickens were harmed during the prank, she had food and water the whole time and has actually gone to a nicer home than were she was from.