Sunday, 29 September 2013

Can every day be great?

In theory I love the idea of taking every day as an opportunity and attempting to make the most of it. You are constantly reminded that life is too short and that you don’t have as long as you think to enjoy those moments. It’s a great idea to do something wild and fun everyday but, sadly that’s just not realistic and the majority of the time you spend revising and being bored which therefore, means you’re actually on the internet.

For example, today I was ‘bored’ since the moment I woke up meaning the two most exciting things are that I made a cake that ended up being rock solid and that Downton Abbey is on TV tonight (best show ever). I know people say that those people who are ‘bored’ are in fact boring people but, I think it was because the useful tasks I had to do today were homework and washing the windows, both of which I’m pleased to say haven’t happened.

If this doesn't make you smile, seriously what can? 
It just makes me reminisce about past memories, watching videos and flicking through pictures from Reading festival and the summer holidays, dreaming that these events could happen constantly. But, it is true that if we were happy and having fun all the time we truly wouldn't appreciate it. So therefore we need to be thankful for the bad days and look forward to the good (Bastille on the 12th October) Once you take a step back and think about it everything not as bad as it seems, right?  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Game Plan

I am constantly told by my friends, family and classmates that I never stop talking. They argue that this is why they love me because they can always rely on me to make the most boring topic sound interesting.  However, with all this being said they do regularly sit there with glazed us, just nodding and agreeing with my constant ramblings. So this is the point of me starting this blog, hopefully you guys can listen to my ‘fun-filled’ stories and opinions.

I think this blog will be a mixture of life stories, opinions and thoughts- hopefully mixing the serious and silly! I don’t have just one specific passion; I dip in and out of different things, meaning I like to think myself as a ‘well-rounded’ person- haahaa. I love fashion, sport, nail-art, YouTube, music and general fandoms- probably making me sound like a mad teenage girl, which I suppose you could argue is true. So fingers crossed that I stick at this...

Peace out my lovelies