Saturday, 18 October 2014

The good, the bad and the 'brilliant': Freshers Edition

Sorry for my lack of Internet activity but, I've been a busy little bee over the last couple of weeks- moving away from home and embarking on the challenge of university! So I'm going to catch you up on my life but, also give you some suggestions and reality checks if you are considering going to university! 

One blog post is going to be all the positives and highlights of the first couple of weeks at uni- all the aspects you would probably associate with freshers! The other will show my struggles and the reality of moving away from home. 

Side note : this is obviously only my experience of freshers and is only my opinion on the first few weeks of university; my opinions, I can guarantee will change over the three years of completing my degree! 

Toga Party 
The Good: 
1. Partying! This is what everyone associates with freshers and it is honestly awesome. There are different events every night; varying from silent discos, bar crawls and the freshers ball. This is the best way to meet people and bond with your flat mates. It is a completely different experience to normally going out at home and it's amazing to explore the bars that another city has to offer.

2. Independence, you know longer have to answer to anyone (apart from ringing home every couple of days to assure your parents that you are in fact alive.) There is no one their to judge you for being a little to drunk, sleeping in or staying out too late

3. Meeting new people! I have to admit I was petrified about this aspect but I have been seriously blessed with amazing flat mates. From day dot we bonded instantly and have supported each other ever since. Just make sure you jump in with as much enthusiasm as you can muster because otherwise you will miss out on so many opportunities. 

4. Freshers fayre= free stuff! I have now got enough pens to last me 3 years and enough domino pizza vouchers to feed my whole halls complex; embrace the free stuff, especially when you realise you'll be living on your student budget. 

5. Confidence! Since arriving in my new city I have embraced the saying 'if you don't ask, you don't get'. This has made me meet so many new people; in bars, in my lectures or on campus and I have also been known to gain a couple of cheeky discounts too 

I can honestly say that starting this new chapter in my life has resulted in some of the funniest and best weeks of my life and that now things have calmed down a little, I will hopefully be back to my usual blogging updates! 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons 

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