Thursday, 23 October 2014

The good, the bad and the 'brilliant': Freshers Edition #2

So here's round 2 of the 'The good, the bad and the 'brilliant': Freshers Edition' and this post will focus on the flip side of freshers. I have had a fabulous time so far at university but, that defiantly doesn't mean there aren't some aspects you miss from home! 

Side note : this is obviously only my experience of freshers and is only my opinion on the first 2 weeks of university; my opinions, I can guarantee will change over the three years of completely my degree! 

The 'bad':
1. Fending for yourself! I never realised how much time or thought goes into cooking all your meals and doing your own laundry. At home there was a magical fairy (my mum) that took care of all these chores whereas, now I've had to learn how to cook and look after myself like an adult. 

2. Missing home! It's so much more than missing your family and friends with it getting down to ridculous things such as your bed and arriving home to your dinner being on the table. 

3. Getting lost; I have spent the last 2 weeks aimlessly walking with absolutely no idea of where my destination is. Although, this has made me meet loads of new people, due to the fact I have to always ask for directions, it does get a little tiresome at points 

4. Education. With the build up of freshers I think people, myself included, sometimes forget that we go to university to gain a degree. The learning style at university is drastically different to school and initially can be slightly overwhelming; though everyday it does get a little easier. Be warned that the library is in fact a place of nightmares and feels very much like a maze 

5. Juggling the work load. This is the case in every aspect of life, struggling to balance your social life and your studies! However I have found it a little more challenging these past few weeks; partly because after the lengthy summer holidays I am no longer used to studying but also because I am now basically living with my best friends meaning distractions 24/7 

As you can tell these are minor little problems that are even ironing out as we speak. But, I think it's important to note for myself and for you guys that it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed or emotional during the first few weeks! 

For the highlights of freshers, and let me tell you that it has been truly amazing, check out my other blog post here:

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

Track of the week: Shake It Off- Taylor swift 


  1. I agree with pretty much all of these! I've just started Uni and I think I've forgotten how to study!!

    1. It's getting worse now that I have essay deadlines hahaa xx