Monday, 15 September 2014

Summer Dreams #9

Summer 2014: Part-time employment  

I am blue in the face from saying this but, we need to make sure we seize every opportunity that life has to offer. But unfortunately a lot of the time, the thing that prevents us from having fun is a distinct lack of funds and the only way to do this is to get a job *shrieks with fear* 

Now I can sympathise with you guys who are yelling at your screen 'I'm trying to get a job but, nobody is hiring' because I hear you loud and clear! It took me months to find a part-time job even though I live in a town which houses nearly every supermarket chain you could name (Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Asda, Aldi, Iceland, Co-op, Tescos- you name them, we have them!) But my advice would be to not be disheartened because eventually you will find an opening. 
Ok I left the office once and saw this beauty, it's not all hard work 
I'm extremely lucky because as far as a first time job goes I love were I work.  I work in the Welcome Centre of the local Zoo. Now, while that sounds extremely exciting, I never see an animal and instead devote my day to operating a till, answering phones and sending e-mails. So while it's not necessary the job itself that brings me joy throughout the day; it is undeniable that the people I work with are bloody fantastic. The office is full of constant banter and conversation with my colleagues basically just being a little bit mad.  This nice working environment kind of softens the blow that I am earning minimum wage. Meaning until my 18th Birthday I was earning £3.72 an hour and now that I am legally deemed an adult I feel practically a millionaire with the pay rise to £5.03. Now obviously a Zoo is going to be more popular in the school holidays and weekends; making it perfect seasonal employment for a student such as myself because it allows me to earn the most money when I'm spending the most money!! 

Becoming slightly more independent and earning my own money has since allowed me to go on more of the adventures that I want to, as demonstrated in my last Road Trip post. Undeniably it can be annoying being sat at till all day when the sun is blearing or being unable to make every outing with your friends because you have to work, but on the other hand it brings so much more opportunity. It forces you to make plans because you want to embrace the time you have off and make some memories with the well deserved money you have earned. 

As one of my teachers used to say, 'work hard and play harder'! Make sure you let having a job be an opportunity not a burden. I am 95% sure that I turned up to work this week still slightly drunk (not a top tip) but with my best acting and a can of coke I was ready to rock 'n' roll.  Turn up to work a little bit tired or hungover because as long as you can do the work who cares how you do it, put on your best show face and plough your way through the day. You have plenty of time to sleep but only a selected time to adventure so use it!

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx 

Track of the week: All of the Stars- Ed Sheeran (The Fault In Our Stars SoundTrack) 

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