Friday, 12 September 2014

5 Top Tips: How to Survive Sixth Form

I have just finished two hard years at Sixth Form and have miraculously found my way into a Russell Group University (me. smug? neverr) so I feel I may have some little bits of advice that will ease that transition from GCSE to A-level. 

1.Keep on top of your work
I completely understand if initially you think A-levels should be a walk in the park because you are now only studying 3 or 4 subjects compared to mammoth task of GCSE’s. WRONG! The work load is immensely larger as you begin in-depth studies of these couple of subjects, with teachers not holding back on extra homework or dreaded extra reading. Most tasks won’t be easy 20 minute work sheets; so don’t leave your work to the night before its due in. Be organised and start working on it as soon as you can because otherwise the work will keep piling up. 

2.Use your study periods wisely 
You can have plenty of time to have fun outside school if you work hard in study periods. If you spend these precious hours a week mucking about with your pals it will become increasingly hard to socialise outside of school. Perhaps set aside 1 hour of study period a week were you can have a chat with your friends but, the rest of the time try to hit the books. 

3.Revise throughout the year 
You cannot wing A-levels. You could be the most intelligent human on earth but you will struggle to hit the high grades without some graft. It’s challenging or near impossible to look at your folder for the first time the night before an exam and cram like at GCSE. I would suggest that every time your teacher gives you a little test in class or you finish a unit, start making revision cards, posters or notes; otherwise when it comes to the serious exam season you will be overwhelmed with your endless notes. 

4. Don’t Panic 
It is recognised that it is a massive step from GCSE to A-levels so don’t panic if you’re not hitting the grades straight away because you will eventually build up the knowledge in both the subject and in how to answer the question to be able to succeed. Try to do well at AS because it will reduce your stress at A2 by about 90% and will also mean you won’t have to do any dreaded resists. However, if you’re already an A2 student with poor AS grades again, don’t give up! I know so many people who had to re-sit certain modules- myself included- to get the grade needed for university or work; it is never too late to succeed. 

'We're all in this together' 
5. 'Work hard, play harder'- My Head of Sixth Forms favourite quote  
So far I have made Sixth Form sound like a complete horror but, to be honest despite the hard work it is one of best experiences of your life. It can be an opportunity to make new friends, rule the school and have a more mutual relationship with teachers. It will be a time marked down forever in your life, not just for your final grades, but all the firsts you will experience. It’ll probably be the first time you drink alcohol, learn to drive or experience general freedom. When you have the opportunity to have some fun embrace it with open hands because that is what Sixth Form is all about! 

Peace Out My Lovelies xxx

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  1. Great post!! I just started sixth form a week ago and I already have so much work! This post will be really helpful though, Its nice to get advice from someone who's actually been through it, and well done for getting into a russel group uni!!

    1. Thank you! There is a lot of work but, hand on heart I can say that I have the greatest memories from Sixth form and I'm sure you will too xx

  2. Thank you this post was really helpful! I'm currently in yr 11 but I've just been researching different sixth forms and I'm starting to stress! Thanks for the advice!